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Potters Place Community Garden

To serve more people in our Denver community, we are proud to present Lake Norman Garden and Pantry.  Join us in the journey to learn, teach, fellowship and grow together! Here you can grow your own plants, attend or teach classes, and enjoy upcoming events tailored to the community garden. We have a whole section on the internet to review our policies and learn how to contribute to our Food Ministry and also help grow food for your own families.  Here is a direct link:  Community Garden.

Food Ministry

Denver Wesleyan church has had a passion to feed the hungry for a very long time. In 2023, we began building a separate building to house the Food ministry. Our own members as well as volunteers from around the country have been working hard to get this building finished!

Over the years our food ministry has grown. We travel to Mooresville, Charlotte and Denver to collect food every day. There are many volunteers that help our mission, but we are always in need of more. We have plans to expand our ministry so we can continue to help those in need. Every week we pick up and distribute food to hundreds of families. If you would like to help in this endeavor, please contact Pastor Johnny