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We support many ministries here at DWC. We help with home missions, those needs in our community. One of our biggest is Lake Norman Food Mission. This ministry helps feed people in need. Some have been through a fire and lost everything. We help! Some, due to illness have lost their jobs and need food for the family.  We help!  Some enter into retirement to find out that their needs exceed their income and we help with food so they can make their money go further for other needs. Some are on disability or receiving foods stamps but still need assistance.  We help!  There are many other scenarios we encounter and we try to help! We talk with those who come and try to find out why they are in need and also minister to their “souls” as well as their “bodies”.  Many are suffering emotionally because of the situation they are in.  We offer HOPE! We have to purchase much of the food we give away at a discounted price.  We are currently giving away an average of 20,000 pounds a month and serving over three hundred families, many with children. DWC underwrites the cost of the program with the help of others from time to time who give to this ministry, which helps. All monies go to buying food, no one gets a salary in this ministry, all of our workers are volunteers, serving their neighbors and serving God! Our monthly cost for what we are giving away, just for the food, is $450, to $500, a great price for the amount of food we give away, but we could help more families with more food, consider partnering with us or even a onetime gift will go a long way! If you would like to help with equipment – freezers, refrigerators or cleaning supplies, that would be great also.

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